Welcome to all new followers!

Greetings fellow Criminal Minds fans!! I just wanted to say a WELCOME to all new followers and also a MASSIVE apology for the inactivity this past month! Things have been extremely busy with me, but I’m hoping to get some graphics posted on this site once again!

So with that in mind … if anyone has ANY graphic requests, please don’t hesitate to send them my way!! I’m always taking them so send as many as you like!

Thank you for being patient and for those who are still following!! Prepare for lots of CM graphics!!

Anonymous asked:
I hope you're not giving up on this blog already! It's the best Criminal Minds one I've seen in a long time! :)

HEY THERE ANON!! AHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS AMAZINGLY SWEET MESSAGE!!! To know that you find this blog to be one of the best is SUCH AN HONOR TO HEAR!! I can’t express how happy this message made me :D!!

So with that said, don’t worry!! I am by no means giving up on this blog ;)!! I’ve just had an EXTREMELY busy week which left little time for gif making :( BUT I assure you, I will more than make up for it starting tomorrow!!

THANK YOU AGAIN for this WONDERFUL MESSAGE :D! I hope you have a fantastic day :D <33

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"He was feeding the volunteers."
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To all you wonderful followers!!

HELLO EVERYONE! I just wanted to firstly welcome ALL YOU NEW FOLLOWERS to Criminal Minds graphics!! A blog dedicated to a fantastic show!! Its so amazing to see so much interest in it!!

And with that in mind, I wanted to say THANK YOU to all those who have sent such kind messages!! I plan to reply to all of them!! As well, to all of you who have sent requests,consider them done!! I’ve just had a busy past several days!

The ask is always open to requests, questions, comments, suggestions, discussions about the show, or anything else at all!! Thank you again for everyones messages AND patience!!

Have a great day!!