Criminal Minds Role Play | Needed Canons: Penelope Garcia & Derek Morgan | Full Cast List |

Criminal Minds Role Play | Needed Canons: Jennifer Jareau & Derek Morgan | Full Cast List |

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Requested by Anon

Anonymous asked:
Hi! Not sure if you've been asked this before but I was wondering if you, or any of your followers, new a website where I could watch seasons 1-9 for free without having to sign up or click a bunch of links or anything? Thanks! (:

HEY There Anon!! One site that I personally love and use most often for streaming is Project Free TV!! Click HERE for Criminal Minds on it! gorillavid, vidbull, putlocker, and sockshare are usually the fastest streaming links on there!! But most all of the them should work ;) Hope that helps!! Let me know if it doesn’t and I’ll try to find something else for you ;)

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Anonymous asked:
how many canons are open on the role play?

HEY There Anon!! There are LOTS of canons open on the Criminal Minds role play!! Derek Morgan, Jennifer Jareau, David Rossi, Penelope Garcia, Alex Blake, Elle Greenaway, Jason Gideon etc! The only ones that are taken are Spencer Reid and Aaron Hotchner and Emily Prentiss are on reserve ;) You can see the full cast list HERE! Hope that answers your question anon!!

Criminal Minds Role Play | Needed Canons: Jennifer Jareau

Spencer Reid speed reading || Requested by

Anonymous asked:
I'm sorry if this is a hassle, but I was wondering where you find good quality downloads of episodes for gifs and graphics. I want to start making Criminal Minds gifs, but I have no idea where to get episodes.

HEY There Anon!! OH! It’s not a hassle at all! I’m happy to help however I can!! So I actually downloaded all my Criminal Minds episodes through torrents, specifically,! It’s quite fast and the quality of the episodes is usually pretty great! If you need help downloading them from there, or need additional links, let me know and I will give more information!! Hope that helps ;)!!

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Anonymous asked:
Hi! I love your blog and CM! Could you do a gifset of the triathlon (7x16) with Hotch, the team, and Jack? Thank you :)

SORRY for not having replied to this yesterday anon! Just wanted to let you know that your request is done and HERE on the blog! If it’s not what you had in mind, let me know and I can for sure make something else. Thanks for the request anon!!

And I am SO HAPPY to hear that you like the blog :D!!!

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Anonymous asked:
what episode of Criminal Minds does Derek Morgan say " Let me guess, she didn't know nothing about nothing" and then David Rossi says " Practically a direct quote, how did you know." ???

HEY There Anon!! I’m SO SORRY it took me so long to reply to this! BUT to answer your question, THIS gifset it from Season 8, Episode 11: Perennials! Hope that helps!! Sorry about again about the delay in replying!! I promise I won’t be so slow next time ;)

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Criminal Minds Role Play | Needed Canons: Jennifer Jareau, Derek Morgan & Emily Prentiss

Taking Graphic Requests!

HEY Everyone! I just wanted to let all you wonderful fellow CM fans know that I’ll be taking graphic requests for Criminal Minds!! It can be for any character, ship, lyric based, scene from an ep,  etc etc! Please just be ask specific as you can, especially if you are requesting a particular scene!

Graphic requests entail gifsets, picspams, screencaps, photo edits, etc! Fee free to send any and every graphic request you have!!

I also received a few a while ago that I have not done yet and will be getting to work on those ;) THANK YOU for your patience!